About Us

Our company has a sincere and straightforward vision, which is to offer South African farmers a locally manufactured, high-quality product that enables them to farm in a more sustainable and cost-effective way. By incorporating Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer into their conventional program, they can achieve this goal with ease.

Formerly known as Ringdryer Specialist, Agri-Boost was established in 2014. The Agri-Boost story started in the year 2000 when Leon Smit, Co-Owner, had a dream and knew that it had a spiritual meaning. He dreamt seeing South Africa from above, when a drop fell from the sky and formed small rivers. Moments later the small rivers turned into big rivers that flowed throughout our country. In 2007 he started manufacturing bloodmeal and only later, in 2014, Agri-Boost Liquid.

Paul van Rooyen joined Leon in 2021 and together the two of them dedicated their time and efforts to produce one of the best and most affordable organic fertilizers. We are proud to say that in 2022, Agri-Boost had established 11 Depots and listed over 40+ Agents, and our Team is continuously growing!

Our Mission

At Agri-Boost we believe that it is of utmost importance to put life back into the soil with the correct bacteria, nutrients, micro and macro organisms and to make a significant impact in the soil. Agri-Boost manufactures an organic product to enrich the quality of soil, providing a nurturing environment where crops and plants can flourish. Our unique formulation, which includes cattle blood, bone meal, kelp (seaweed), humic and fulvic acids, is designed to promote optimal soil health and support photosynthesis. By using our product, farmers can prevent and mitigate damage to crops and plants caused by unfavorable weather conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision extends beyond delivering an environmentally friendly organic product; we aim to develop strong relationships with our customers and be their trusted partners in achieving the best possible harvest. Our goal is to create a cost-effective product that offers high-quality organic nutrients for our valuable soil, which budget-conscious farmers can rely on. At Agri-Boost, we take pride in the satisfaction of seeing gardens and crops thriving, healthy, and joyful.

Our Values

Agri-Boost places high value on all individuals – including clients, employees, and the environment – and treats everyone with respect and professionalism. We prioritize integrity to build trust with our customers, and through responsibility, we go above and beyond to assist them. At Agri-Boost, we believe in building honest relationships by demonstrating our values through our actions. Collaboration is essential, and we accomplish more by working together as a team. Our work environment encourages everyone to speak up, share their ideas, and express their experiences freely.