Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer

Farm More Sustainably And Cost-Effectively With Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is essential for maintaining healthy soil and plants, as it provides a balanced mix of nutrients and helps to improve soil structure, water retention, and microbial activity.

Agri-boost Healthy Soil

Healthy Soil

The food your soil needs to grow healthy greens.
Agri-boost Increased Yield

Reduce Input Cost

More profit on yields with lower input costs.

Sustainable Farming

Organic, healthy and sustainable.
An Eco friendly fertilizer.

What is Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer?

Agri-Boost is an organic fertilizer designed to assist in soil health
and sustainable farming

Manufactured from Ceres-certified sterilized cattle blood and bone as main ingredients, the final product is further fortified with Sea Kelp, Fulvic acid, Humic acid, nano micro-elements, and soil micro-organism to ensure a well-balanced organic food source for plants and soil.

Agri-Boost, therefore, supplies the soil and plant with essential organic elements needed for life, normally depleted due to the overuse of only chemical fertilizer.

Blood is a high protein source and the main supply of Carbon and Nitrogen in Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer in the form of peptides and L-amino acids.

Bone is the main source of Phosphorus and Calcium. This combination insures a well-balanced organic source of NPK with high carbon content.

Organic fertilizer releases essential nutrients, which are vital for healthy plant growth.  As organic fertilizers break down, they improve the structure of the soil and enhance its ability to retain water and nutrients. Organic fertilizers will ultimately deliver healthy strong soil and plants.

Why Choose Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer?

The Advantages of using Agri-Boost

Combination Farming

Able to be used in full organic farming or in combination with chemical fertilizer

Easy To Use

Easy to apply in liquid form via a pivot, drip irrigation, tractor spraying or knapsack

Roots & Foliars

Liquid Agri-Boost can be used as a root or foliar feed

Sustainable Growth

Supply fast and slow-release organic NPK for sustainable growth

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Enhances aggregate stability, improve water infiltration and soil aeration, reduce run-off and soil erosion

Holds Nutrients Better

Increase soil CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and its ability to hold onto essential plant nutrients

Improved Germenation

Reduce surface crusting and improve seed germination

Improved Soil

Improve water holding capacity of soil

Positively Charged

Carbon has a negative charge and most of the nutrients like Mg, Ca, K and trace elements have a positive charge

Better Absorbtion

Chelates micro-elements and trace elements to improve absorption

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Farm More Sustainably and Cost-effectively by Easily Adding Agri-Boost Organic Fertilizer.

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